ATIPIC is a students association from ATI's (Arts and Technologies of Digital Image) department. It is empowered to organize activities outside of the simple educational field of the training, especially to take part in festivals, professional meetings or any other events related to the students interests. The association benefits from its own funds while sometimes being subsidized by the University Paris 8 itself for some projects like festivals' trips. ATIPIC's office is systematically composed of students from every classes : L3, M1 and M2 so that the whole student community is represented and involved in the association. It can also provide remedial courses (with students mutual support).

Review 2011 - 2012 :

  • ATIPIC has allowed students to take part in the "Carrefour de l'Animation 2011" organized by the Forum des Images des Halles at Paris. Participants have dedicated a week to the production of an chained animation. The result has been projected to the audience during the week end in the main projection room of the Forum des Halles. ATIPIC's members have also been requested to direct the making of of the event.

  • On november 2011, the association has organized the trip to Paris FX 2011, an annual event where profesionnals from the Digital fields present their works.This was the opportunity for students to meet and exchange with professionnals.

  • On march 2012, during the University Paris 8's "Arts Week", ATIPIC has showed many students' works such as movie projections and video games. A stand was also set for the visitors to meet and exchange with the students and talk about the training, our work, projects and passion for 3D. ATIPIC has also taken the opportunity of this special week to organize a second open doors day dedicated to ATI's students-to-be.

  • Finally, on june 2012, the association has helped students who wanted to go the Annecy International Animated Movie Festival. Inescapable event rich of projections and conferences where students' movies were projected amongst some of the great and worlwide known studios. Professionals were presenting their works during conferences where students could attend.

licence and master 1 in 2012

ATI(PIC) at the festival e-magiciens (Valenciennes) in 2003

ATI in the 90'