University is opened until 10 pm from Monday to Friday, it is possible to access during week-end with administrative authorisation.

  • two classrooms for bachelor and first year master students with thirty-five computers each.
  • Two classrooms for second year master students with computers.
  • one room for PhD's students.
  • One green-screen studio.
  • Thirteen screens, for colour calibration and rendering (Eizo), and colour analysers.
  • A6 graphic tablets.

Research laboratory's facilities that students can access after being initiated by staff's members

  • one Optitrack motion capture setup (twelve cameras)
  • one manual colour 3D scanner (Artec)
  • many capture devices for virtual and augmented reality such as : wired gloves (“cyberglove”) 5DT, head up display, pressure sensors, pressure sensitive carpet, tactile screens, Arduino hardware, Kinects, Oculus …
  • stereoscopic video projectors and cameras.
  • Optitrack camera rig
  • The laboratory's library (with recent books, but cannot be borrowed) and the university's library (which is huge).
  • Glasses-free 3D screen.
  • Camera, tripod, 8mm lens and panoramic head for HDR photography.

Students can also use tools and facilities provided by the university’s video department (cameras, lights, studio, green-screen, recorders) and the sound studio, advance booking is necessary.

motion capture room and green-screen studio

classroom for bachelor

classroom for first year master students